We paid thirty euros for our vignette (road ticket) into Slovenia . The weather gradually was getting colder and colder. Then the rain started. Oh what were we doing I wondered; leaving glorious sunshine in Croatia for this? The further we drove┬áthe harder the rain fell , then to top it all the camp site … Continue reading Slovenia

Natural beauty

We had to leave the island via an enormous bridge linking Krk to the mainland and the drive down the coastal road was phenomenal . High above the glistening turquoise sea we soared. Swooping down into small towns with picture perfect harbours. This coastal road hasn’t changed one bit since I was here in 1977. … Continue reading Natural beauty

45th Parallel

Krk. Reluctantly we caught the ferry to Krk – Cres was such an enchanting island ; however when you are travelling around so much there comes the inevitable time to leave. Starting a new mini adventure is how I view these times.The ferry crossing to Krk is very short – approximately twenty minutes and as … Continue reading 45th Parallel

Sunny days

Our parking ticket ! When I checked through the papers it looked as if we were being fined for parking without displaying the ticket ! Our camp site office agreed with me and suggested the trip back into Venice so on Sunday morning we set off for Venice . The site was only ten minutes … Continue reading Sunny days


Click caput- click caput ! All our electrical gadgets went bang! What now I thought. Not only our electrics but everyone’s on the site . So Steve tried to sort it all out , could it be this , could it be that …whatever it was – we had no electric. Was it water in … Continue reading Eruptions